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News tonight: November 25, 2019

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Premier David Burt hitting back at a claim that the government doesn’t have a plan for future jobs in Bermuda Waste management staff have ended their work to rule action following union negotiations with BIU Bermuda Hospital Board released its October 2019 road traffic accident statistics Man and woman assaulted …

News Tonight: November 13, 2019

News tonight with Jasmine Patterson: A teen rider still in hospital after a traffic accident with a 76 year old car driver Cost of mobile phones have increased  Man with machete detained by police officers  The freemasons fund for Bermuda Earl Basden with Sports Minister of community affairs Livita Foggo has met with filmmaker Milton …

News Tonight: September 25, 2019

News Tonight with Jasmine Patterson: News bill to address immigration reform tomorrow evening 26 year old motorcyclist who was in a road collision last night is recovering in the hospital OBA leader questions a ministers contract with Island construction Employees worried their pay check will be effected due to the hurricane Sports with Earl Basden