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News Tonight: September 27, 2019

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: David Burch MP responds to island construction bid Mixed status families update from the immigration reform First time in years, the birth rate in Bermuda has declined Several more month before the parks are completed since hurricane Humberto  Firefighters battled another blaze in Pembroke Sports with Earl Basden

News Tonight: August 14, 2019

Jasmine Patterson with tonight’s news: Jonathan Ratteray sentenced to three years in prison Tourism: continued conversation on the decline of air arrivals Next week’s public forum will examine independence on the island Unveiling of refurbished cruise ship terminal in dockyard Sports with Earl Basden

News Tonight: August 12, 2019

Dianne Brewer with tonight’s news: Breakdown on arrival of visitors in Bermuda compared to last year Updates on child sex offender Jonar Akbar Caines who is released early 32 year old conman, Jonathan Ratteray hearing will be this Wednesday Tree falls due to high winds ¬†Minister of home affairs, Walter Roban opening an information clinic …

News Tonight: July 17, 2019

Jasmine Patterson with tonight’ news: Grand Atlantic becomes Bermudian beach resort Bill entitled the child safeguard miscellaneous amendment act was passed in the senate Mother Jenings: a legacy of a woman who saved lives Airport: new $2 million weather radar goes live Sex offender, Junus Carman Caines court case to be released back in public¬† …

News Tonight: May 27, 2019

Dianne Brewer with tonight’s news: Immigration reform to be brought to the house of assembly says Wayne Caines Decline in retail sales Ides to attract ore tourists Visionz Bermuda Sports