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New talk show: Motion to Ajourn

Senator Dwayne Robinson and MP Chris Famous, seen here co-hosting their new radio talk show on Power 95 – ‘Motion to Adjourn’. Tune in again next Thursday at 5pm.

News Tonight: November 5, 2019

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Senator Dwayne Robinson has been elected by the OBA to run against Jason Hayward in the by-election for constituency 17 One man in police custody¬† after assaulting an off duty officer Serious allegations: Senior member of regiment being probed by police A sex offender due to be released on Friday: …

News Tonight: June 6, 2019

Jasmine Patterson with tonight’s news: Close to $100,000 owed to Bermuda police service OBA senator Dwayne Robinson urges PLP to retract their final appeal to dis-law same sex marriage on the island Eugene Dean talks concerns on Algonquin partnership with Belco Government committed to protect 20% of marine areas in Bermuda City of Hamilton announces …