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News Tonight: December 31, 2019

Dianne Brewer with tonight’s news: Police seeking return¬† of owner for criminal investigation in relation to ongoing investigation Two people taken to the hospital this morning due to vehicle collision Police officers in schools in the United States will soon be the norm and it is likely to happen in Bermuda too Video of recent …

News Tonight: September 9, 2019

News Tonight with Dianne Brewer: Overwhelming amount of donations to Bahamas during their time of need from Bermuda A reported two vehicle collision on Northshore road Over 500 boys and girls where treated with a free hair styling thanks to the back to school extravaganza¬† New three year plan to revive Snorkel Park Beach that …

News Tonight: May 31, 2019

Dianne Brewer with tonight’s news: Teachers succeed in getting meeting with ministry Police beach in Smith’s is now public OBA leder Craig Cannonier questions PLP’s planning for money spent on TNT Trucks collided in Smith’s Police chase in Paget that ended with a collision with a car and motor bike Sports ¬†