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News Tonight: November 29, 2019

News tonight with Jasmine Patterson: 16 year old boy with cuts around his neck and leg from riding into a kite string that was on the roads Additional buses to cost up to 20,000 – 50,000 per month for government  National pension scheme has numerous pensioners keeping a close eye on government Pahn Ya Ratteray …

News Tonight: August 21, 2019

News tonight with Jasmine Patterson: Clearwater middle school all clear for school Nine new buses put into service, three additional ones to follow No update on TN Tatem building Website a thing of the past, Applications are the new necessity  Sports with Earl Basden: cricket, PanAm games, sailing, cycling

News Tonight: May 13, 2010

Jasmine Patterson on tonight’s news: New mayor of st. Georges passing bill in government British government rejects recommendation for British voting rights in overseas territories Amendments of liquor license act  Police investigating  break in at St. George’s jewelry store The Fun zone to open in St.David’s Latest on Sports with Earl Basden: bowling, triathlon, cricket, …