Senate rejection of Municipal bill starts 12-month countdown

Senate rejection of Municipal bill starts 12-month countdown

The twelve-month countdown is on tonight until the Government brings back the controversial municipalities bill to the House of Assembly, after the Senate voted down the bill Friday.

Under the Constitution, if the Senate rejects a bill, the Government can wait 12 months before passing the same bill again – and take the bill directly to the Governor for approval while bypassing the Senate.

The political commentator and statistician Cordell Riley told Tari Trott,the Government and the Corporation could use the time period to try to reach a solution.

Supporters of the island’s two municipalities say Government’s Municipal reform bill is fundamentally anti-democratic as it would be the Government calling the shots and not the municipal rate payers though elections.

But the Government’s position is that Bermuda is too small for competing forms of government and the corporations have not been able to properly carry out their duty due to limited budgets and the Government has the resources to help.

The way Political commentator Cordell Riley sees it, the situation must be put into the appropriate context.