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The Breakdown: INSURTECH

‘I want it now!’ Technology has transformed our expectations – we want things fast, efficient and personalised. Can insurtech make insurance just as seamless? And… US college students spend spring break in Bermuda, not to run wild, but to run their insurance company.

The Breakdown: NEW YORK

We’re in New York City! Find out what Brian Duperreault thinks of the EU blacklist, why Michael Bloomberg is warning on Cuba and whether millennials deserve the bad rap some give them.

Bank customers revolt at plans to charge for teller services

Complaints have reached Bermuda Broadcasting News that Clarien Bank customers will be faced with increased fees come March 31st. A spokesperson says the fee adjustments reflect the cost of service provision as they refine their business model in a rapidly evolving digital banking environment. Clarien Bank customers will be charged $5 for cash withdrawals through …

The Breakdown: ST GEORGE’S

St. George’s… At one time it was thriving, flush with tourists, locals and good-natured revelry. Can two major construction projects revitalize the sluggish east end economy? The Breakdown with Toni Waterman is on location at Wahoo’s in St. George’s with Mayor Quinell Francis, Hotel Association CEO Stephen Todd, and Wahoo’s co-owner Alfred Konrad.

The Breakdown: STOCK MARKETS

This week, The Breakdown covers: *STOCK MARKETS – As markets rebound sharply from a December plunge, we’ll explain what’s making money for Bermudian investors *TOP MARKET – The best performing stock market of 2018 was in the Caribbean. What lessons Bermuda can learn? *ARE WE ACCESSIBLE? – Will Bermuda be ready for the 100+ disabled …