About Us


Our Company has a history of over 70 years, beginning with its incorporation in 1943, and the introduction of commercial radio to Bermuda when ZBM – 1 signed on air in 1946, followed in 1952 by ZBM-2. FM 89 brought the first FM radio sounds to the island in 1960.


The Bermuda Radio and Television Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited, which operated ZBM TV Channel 10, had introduced television two years earlier in 1958. An affiliation was established with the American CBS Television Network in 1960. The first television broadcast was in black and white with a switch to color coming in 1975.


The company opened its first studio on Pitts Bay Road with ZBM – 1 and ZBM- 2 operating from the old Bermudiana Hotel. In 1956, the studios moved to purpose built studios on Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. During 1961, the decision was made to construct new studios at Fort Hill, Devonshire, to house the growing operations. The radio and television staff moved into the new facility in May 1965 where we are still located.


Due to changes in the Companies Act, the Bermuda Radio and Television Company Limited merged with Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited in 1972 under its present name, The Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited.


In 1960, a new company, Atlantic Broadcasting Company Limited, was formed to bring additional broadcast services to the island and their first station, ZFB –AM entered the airwaves in August 1962, followed in August 1965 by another television station, ZFB – TV Chanel 8, which became affiliated with the American Broadcasting Network (ABC). Capital Broadcasting Company Limited also introduced a second FM station to Bermuda, starting operations of ZFB – FM in 1969.


Bermuda now enjoyed a total of seven broadcast operations: three AM radio, two FM radio and two television stations.


Talks began in 1981 between Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited and Capital Broadcasting Company with a view to merging both companies to provide a stronger overall operation in light of expected competition from cable television, satellite receivers, subscriptions television and home videos, while continuing to provide quality, free television service to all Bermuda household.


Talks were completed in 1982 and the two companies merged, becoming known as the Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited.


Additional radio and television facilities were constructed and the previous North Shore Road studios of ZFB were phased out with staff and equipment being transferred to Fort Hill during the same year.