The Breakdown: INVEST BERMUDA This Rock can’t roll alone… Small, service-oriented economies like Bermuda are dependent on foreign investment for growth. But how attractive is Bermuda? And does the island’s immigration policy need a drastic overhaul? And what about local investment opportunities for islanders? The Breakdown talks money with former Premier Sir John Swan and investment expert Nathan …

The Breakdown: ALCOHOL

Before you pick up that drink when you fly your kite this weekend, you might want to check out these facts on The Breakdown: * Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost yearly to drinking * New research links even moderate drinking with cancer We look at the sobering stats that could make you think …


It’s a love affair we thought might never end – Bermudians and our cars. But it’s a relationship that’s changing. The Breakdown explains how and why. Electric cars seem ideally suited to our low speed limits. And autonomous cars – the ultimate designated driver after a few too many rum swizzles? How will these trends …

The Breakdown: INSURTECH

‘I want it now!’ Technology has transformed our expectations – we want things fast, efficient and personalised. Can insurtech make insurance just as seamless? And… US college students spend spring break in Bermuda, not to run wild, but to run their insurance company.

The Breakdown: NEW YORK

We’re in New York City! Find out what Brian Duperreault thinks of the EU blacklist, why Michael Bloomberg is warning on Cuba and whether millennials deserve the bad rap some give them.