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News Tonight: January 3, 2020

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Man charged in court with heroin possession Google is shifting in Bermuda New cruise ship arrived on our shores Marine safety – a prop plane around the island is mapping our sea bed Visitors are more likely to spend their money o local diners Sports with Earl Basden

News tonight: November 25, 2019

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Premier David Burt hitting back at a claim that the government doesn’t have a plan for future jobs in Bermuda Waste management staff have ended their work to rule action following union negotiations with BIU Bermuda Hospital Board released its October 2019 road traffic accident statistics Man and woman assaulted …

News Tonight: November 15, 2019

News Tonight with Dianne Brewer: Fireworks at the house of assembly  2 million dollars in upgrades for the weather system that seems experiences outages  Art of illusion at Dellwood  sports with Earl Basden 

News Tonight: November 14, 2019

News tonight with Jasmine Patterson: New development on the ongoing roof slate shortage Investigators have drown the conclusion of the half dressed man at a Warwick establishment Kaleidoscope foundation to raise funds on literacy ad nurturing our environment Earl Basden with sports  Can Bermuda handle 5G in wireless?

News Tonight: November 5, 2019

News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Senator Dwayne Robinson has been elected by the OBA to run against Jason Hayward in the by-election for constituency 17 One man in police custody  after assaulting an off duty officer Serious allegations: Senior member of regiment being probed by police A sex offender due to be released on Friday: …