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News tonight: September 11, 2019

News tonight with Jasmin Patterson: CedarBridge Academy students sent home today due to a power outage Seniors advocacy charity age concern held its annual general meeting today Pembroke south east MP Rolfe Commissiong is calling on the island to take global warming seriously 2,500 people remain missing in the Bahamas Gorham’s limited launched a new …

News Tonight: August 20, 2019

Dianne Brewer with tonight’s news: Police are reconsidering carrying firearms Intake of victims of domestic violence seeking help  has surpassed in the Center against abuse Sargasso Sea App looking to hire Shadow minister of health says PLP is doing a disservice to the senior population Southampton constable  Bermuda Tech week Earl Basden with Sports

News Tonight: August 15, 2019

Jasmine Patterson with tonight’s news: Asbestos discovered at Clearwater Middle School  Seniors advocacy group fed up with the lack of communication from the government regarding land tax increases and other fees Deeper look into the pros and cons of independence in Bermuda  Fishing: closure ares and fish regulations vacant position in St.George’s council  Sports with …