Jamaican drug smuggler imprisoned for nearly two decades

Jamaican drug smuggler imprisoned for nearly two decades

A Jamaican National convicted of importing over $700,000 worth of heroin is sentenced to 18 years behind bars.

Justice Carlise Greaves delivered the sentence this morning in the Supreme Court sending a strong message that potential or actual importers of illegal drugs would be penalised severely.

A jury unanimously found the 38 year old father of one guilty of three counts of importing 220.88 grams of heroin, possessing the drug with the intent to supply and wilfully obstructing a customs officer.

They jury, the court heard, returned a guilty verdict within 20 minutes of deliberations.

Davy fled the LF Wade International airport during customs inspection on July 10th last year.

A K-9 unit indicated he had illegal substances in his luggage but an initial searched of his bags were clear.

He was later seen on CCTV cameras transferring items into his luggage that had already been searched and he later escaped the airport, after being questioned.

Crown counsel Javone Rogers recommended a period of imprisonment between 18 and 21 years in an effort to deter drug smugglers.

He added that the defendant was wholly to blame for the crime stating that society need be protected from individuals who come to the Island with no better reason than to facilitate the supply of highly addictive drugs to a community for financial gain.

Davy apologised to the court for his actions and his defence lawyer, Archibald Warner recommended 15 years imprisonment while maintaining that his client only agreed to import the drugs after his family were threatened in Jamaica, a position the jury rejected.

His client, also says he is a man of God and begs for the courts mercy.

Justice Greaves, agreed with the crowns submissions handing Davy 18 years imprisonment for importation and possession plus six months for evading a customs officer all to run concurrently.