Gov’t launches urgent affordable housing survey

Gov’t launches urgent affordable housing survey

A new plan to build much needed housing units for families, but the Government says it urgently needs accurate data in order to move forward.

The Public Works Ministry today encouraged residents to fill out an important online survey aimed at informing its strategy to reduce demand for affordable housing.

Speaking to Tari Trott today, the Public Works Minister David Burch, said part of Government’s challenge at the moment, is that its data on who needs affordable housing, is not accurate.

The Minister stated: “We have been struggling since we came to Government in terms of being able to provide affordable housing for Bermudians — just because of the lack of inventory.

“I’m challenged as the Minister with the Corporation in terms of the numbers of folk who require assistance because I don’t believe we are actually getting accurate numbers.”

The Minister believes that people have lost confidence in Government’s ability to help them due to a “dearth of inventory”. The survey can be found on