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New talk show: Motion to Ajourn

Senator Dwayne Robinson and MP Chris Famous, seen here co-hosting their new radio talk show on Power 95 – ‘Motion to Adjourn’. Tune in again next Thursday at 5pm.

News tonight: February 7, 2020 News tonight with Dianne Brewer: Three more young men have been arrested on charge of gun related incidents Sizable crowd showed up to protest the proposed Bermuda Health plan Leader of one Bermuda alliance Craig Cannonier excited about the 200 jobs avaliable for Bermudians Crowd of people turned out to hear free budget information …

News Tonight: May 9, 2019

On the news tonight: -A Sandy’s man charged with sexual assault -Numbers are in for the islands GDP -Project action charity has a new director -Sports

Senate rejection of Municipal bill starts 12-month countdown

The twelve-month countdown is on tonight until the Government brings back the controversial municipalities bill to the House of Assembly, after the Senate voted down the bill Friday. Under the Constitution, if the Senate rejects a bill, the Government can wait 12 months before passing the same bill again – and take the bill directly …